Legal Stuff

No. I am not looking for some psychopath thinking I actually like burning to death. It's just a name not an invitation. It has nothing to do with someone actually burning to death, literally.

I cannot assure you none of the web site's content will be offensive. I am not responsible for damage inflicted by your visit to this web site. Fields of Summer, Stillness of Dawn, My Father The Orange, and all its associated characters, concepts and intellectual properties are protected by international copyright and trademark laws and are the exclusive ownership of Jorieke 'JoSav' Savelkouls. Legal prosecution will be taken if you use, modify, or apply this website's (and its base contents and concepts in any way or form without the creator's explicit permission, commonly named 'JoSav'. Third parties will never, I repeat never, send messages in my name. Currently I work alone, unless stated otherwise.
For further questions or accusations whether true or false, you can always attempt to contact me via In case you were trying to get money out of me, don't bother as I have none.

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