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JoSav Dot Com
The mainstreet

Fields of Summer
Side site focused on illustrations.

Ranshi Ga Suki
Rated T/M. Website that contains some of my writing and darker, more personal art.

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Coen de Moor
Interesting illustrations and comics.

Meezer paints unbelievably detailed paintings mostly inspired by the American Revolution and Puss in Boots. Interesting blend of history and anthro-art.

Purple Top Hat
For a very long time, CÚline Chapus seemed to have vanished off the face of the earth. However, she's the kind of illustrator you won't forget during a seven year absence and keep rediscovering.

Mair Perkins
I've admired Mair's work since she was only 14. Humorous and beautiful illustrations.

Erwin Escher
Portrait photography of mainly Arabian horses.

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